Our singular focus is on providing clients with unique, timely and actionable information to support business growth.


Spirit of Innovation

The fashion and retail industries are in a constant state of change. We navigate this landscape with a focus on innovation, creativity and business methodologies that allow us to deliver effective solutions for our clients.

The Power of Relationships

We take pride in our long-lasting client partnerships. Fueling these powerful relationships is an unrelenting focus on helping our clients evolve and grow their business over time. Our clients view us as a natural and powerful extension of their team.

Our Team

The Doneger Group is driven by the creative energy of an experienced team of fashion, retail and business experts.

Our team has a strong understanding of the creative, merchandising, consumer and business forces shaping our industry, and the opportunities they present. Our approach is high-touch and consultative in nature, with a focus on helping clients identify opportunities to grow their business.


working at doneger

Working at Doneger

Our team is our strongest asset.

We’re dedicated to nurturing and channeling the skills and passions of our team. This includes a focus on career and leadership development, cross-functional team collaborations, and company wide initiatives, including activities around core values.