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Management Team

Management Team

Executive Team members Abbey Doneger, Thomas Burns, Leslie J. Ghize, Roseanne Cumella, Kathy Bradley-Riley, Lee Mandelbaum, Maryanne Moore and Margaret Lorenz, as well as Creative Directors David Wolfe and Pat Tunsky, are also members of the Management Team.

Henry Doneger Associates

Gary Fritschi
Merchandise Manager, Women's Outerwear and Suits
Mr. Fritschi has been with the Company since 1987 as Merchandise Manager for Women's Outerwear and Suits. Mr. Fritschi's previous experience includes 15 years at JC Penney as a Merchandise Manager for various apparel and accessory areas, including outerwear, dresses and family footwear.

Barbara McGraw
Merchandise Manager, Accessories and Intimate Apparel
Ms. McGraw joined the Company in 2006 as Market Analyst of Special Size Sportswear and was promoted to Merchandise Manager of Accessories and Intimate Apparel in 2009. Ms. McGraw has 25 years of retail and wholesale experience, including positions at May Department Stores, Frederick Atkins and Kellwood.

Allison Levy
Merchandise Manager, Menswear and Childrenswear
Ms. Levy joined the Company in 2005 as a Market Analyst and was promoted to Merchandise Manager of the Men's and Childrenswear division in 2007. Ms. Levy's previous experience includes 20 years of retail and merchandising expertise at Macy's.com, Macy's Northeast and Van Dorn Retail Management. 

Roseanne Morrison
Fashion Director
Ms. Morrison specializes in trend analysis including important lifestyle and cultural changes that will influence fashion and retail. She is responsible for working with the company's merchandising and creative teams to develop timely and actionable fashion insights and supports clients in identifying the best opportunities for growth. Prior to joining The Doneger Group in 2006, Roseanne had more than 20 years of experience at The Tobe Report, where she worked closely with many of the nation's leading retailers.

Ted Sebolsky
Information Technology Manager
Mr. Sebolsky joined the Company in 2006 and is responsible for providing overall management and leadership of all Information Technology-related matters. Mr. Sebolsky has 10 years of comprehensive experience in the IT field; his most recent position was Network and Systems Manager for the Archdiocese of New York.

Pico Simmons
Manager, Office Operations
Mr. Simmons joined The Doneger Group in 1986 when the Company acquired his previous employer, Steinberg-Kass. Mr. Simmons has held various positions in the Company including Mailroom and Shipping Manager and Purchasing Manager.

HDA International

Ana Lucia Bernal
Ms. Bernal joined the Company in 2004 and assisted in the growth of the women's accessories department as Market Specialist in the moderate to better handbags and jewelry areas. As Manager of HDA International, Ms. Bernal is responsible for providing international clients with focused product resource and trend information suitable to their particular markets.

Directives West

Sandy Richman
Ms. Richman is president of the Company's Directives West division. She co-founded Directives West in 1982,  leading a team of industry insiders to present a customized fashion point-of-view on West Coast lifestyle and market trends in all major areas of women's, men's and children's apparel and accessories. Ms. Richman joined The Doneger Group in March 2008.

Janine Blain
Vice President/GMM
Ms. Blain is responsible for servicing clients and developing new business opportunities for the Company's Directives West division. Ms. Blain has more than 14 years of industry experience, including a position as West Coast sales manager for C&C California. She joined The Doneger Group in 2005.

Carol Hoffman

Carol Hoffman
Executive Vice President
Ms. Hoffman leads the Company's women's better specialty store division. Ms. Hoffman joined The Doneger Group in 2001 when the Company acquired her business, a buying office servicing contemporary, better, bridge and designer specialty stores.


Kathryn M. Deane
Ms. Deane joined the Company in 2005 when Tobe joined forces with The Doneger Group. Ms. Deane was named president of Tobe in 1991 and spearheads the firm's consulting division. Known for her unique eye for retail and fashion trends, she developed the Tobe Insights program, which specializes in finding efficient ways to revitalize and maximize businesses. Her reality-based insight has launched numerous successful initiatives within retail, fashion and parallel industries.